Family Reunions

What’s a better way to keep up with your immediate and extended family members then hosting a family reunion? Everyone needs a vacation, right?? …so why not take the lead and invite your family to visit one of the most exciting fun vacation spots in the world, Orlando Florida.” Now that you have peaked their interest what’s the next step in the process? Well the answer might be just a click away…email the Family Reunion Tracking Form (click to access) to friends and family and record the information to get relevant details that will help in the overall process.. You will be amazed at how many people will respond and how excited they will be to come and join the fun. Let Events by Design, LLC take care of pulling the details together for your family and friends by giving you the flexibility of considering several fun venues, incredible caterers and unique entertainment that fit into your, collective family’s budgetary needs. Events by Design, LLC specializes in bringing families together and we look forward to the opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime for you and your family.

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